Singular Office

year: 2015
area: 450 m2
Skopje, Macedonia

The main idea of the entry, hallway and stairs is to achieve integrity that will flow from the entrance of the building to the attic. This was achieved with the red carpet stairs, red walls and ceilings and red fence. The dining room has a large wooden table. On the ceiling there is a net which is an easy and transparent coating with hanging lights over the table. The workspace is designed with desks forming a unit separated by a semitransparent shelf that has space for plants, personal belongings, etc.. The dark part of the room is provided with wooden shutter colored in white. Behind them there is light which creates a feeling of daylight. In the meeting room there is a big table with metal legs and four concrete slabs. The leisure space was made out of three different rooms and connected with the ruined wall of the toilet.